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Manhattan or New York County : Counting about 1,5 Million people. Manhattan island is the most famous and the richest concentrating most of the famous buildings.
Bronx or Bronx County, with 1,4 Million people. Bronx was once considered as (and certainly was) the poorest and the most violent area of the city.
Brooklyn or Kings County, 2,4 Million people. Today mostly a residential district. First Brooklyn was an independent city before its unification with New York in 1898.
Queens or Queens County, 2,2 Million people. Queens is both a residential and an industrial district - Two of the three New York airport are located there : Kennedy and LaGuardia.
Staten Island or Richmond County, Only 0,5 million people... The Island is located quite far away from Manhattan and many of Staten Island residents just do not consider themselves as New Yorkers.

Map of NYC - Manhattan - Bronx - Brooklyn - Queens - Staten Island

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New York City map : Manhattan

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About New York City comprises five boroughs, each of which are coterminous with a county: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. With over 8.2 million residents within an area of 322 square miles (830 km˛), New York City has the highest population density of major cities in the United States. The New York metropolitan area, with a population of 18.8 million, ranks among the largest urban areas in the world. Learn more about New York City history, and geography on Wikipedia.