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Laguardia airport taxis

LaGuardia is the closest airport to Manhattan - Taxis are a good bargain for a transfer to hotels downtown however depending on traffic conditions the cost of a cab ride may vary a lot. You may also have to queue a long time at the airport. It generally takes from 20 to 40 minutes for Manhattan.

How much cost a taxicab between LaGuardia and Manhattan - Tips & tolls

Taxis fares in New York don't include bridge and tunnel tolls ($3 to $5) or a tip for the cabbie (15%-20% is customary). They do include all passengers in the cab and luggage.

Transfer from LaGuardia to Manhattan : $16-27

Transfer from Manhattan to LaGuardia : $16-27

LaGuardia airport shuttle service

Transportation - airport transfer - shuttle service

Don't battle for a cab at the airport ... Book in advance and ease your connection between LaGuardia airport and your hotel in New York.

Cost - rates for New York City : Manhattan & airports or other locations

The highway tolls are not included and should be added roundtrip. Pay what's on the meter, plus a 15-20 percent gratuity (It's polite to tip at least a dollar per bag if the taxi driver assists you). Today taxis are cash only but the TLC's Medallion Taxicab Technology Enhancements Program will be installing credit/debit card machines in all taxicabs by the end of 2007. - Start of 2008.

Normal taxis metered fares

Meter start fare : $2.50
Each 1/5 mile (4 blocks) : $0.40
Each 1 minute idle : $0.40
Peak surcharge : $1.00 (4pm - 8pm Mon-Fri)
Night surcharge : $0.50 (8pm - 6am)
Tolls : To be added - Roundtrip
Additional riders : Free (Max 4)

Airport transfer fares

Of course cost vary from an airport to another and flat rates apply in certain case. Please select the location of your choice.

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New York City taxicabs

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Yellow taxis cabs are a part of New York City - Their distinctive yellow paint has made them New York icons. Here are the answers to common questions about taxis service, rules and cost of transportation. > Yellow cabs - taxis

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LaGuardia airport taxis cabs - Cost of Manhattan transfers

Plan your transfer from LaGuardia airport to Manhattan hotels or private address. We do our best to make this guide as accurate as possible and to features all the information you'll ever need when planning your trip - However please refer to official official website for LGA airport for informations about maps and security measures and last updates about ground transportation. Our online transfer reservation system is especially useful in corporate scheduling when booking multiple trips. You will get instant confirmation, and some members offer preferred pricing when reserving online. For more details please refer to LaGuardia official airport site. Picture of the gate : Guillaume Duchene - This page is dedicated to LaGuardia airport taxis.